Fuck Yeah Ojamajo Doremi!

Happy Lucky Minna ni To~doke!

Look how pretty it is!

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Friendly reminder (✿◠‿◠) (for sad moments)


First of all, if you wanna talk, I’m here, I may take a while to answer for I am not home all the time, but be 125346435% sure that I’ll answer.

Second, this is a thing (clicky-clicky please), you can write everything that is in your mind, no one will be able to see it but you, so you can vent/rant freely, also, what you write transforms in pretty stars :)

And finally, this is a little silly cute thing that always makes me smile, because, how can you not smile at this?! (There’s even a 10 hours long version, just imagine!)

Oh, an extra one, I know not everyone likes ponies, but this is like anti-sad -feelings song, and if you want it to be even cuter, you can listen to the japanese version, because it is hella adorable.

Love y’all! And remember everything turns out fine in the end! <3

Anonymous asked: "Thank you :)"


You’re welcome

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Anonymous asked: "Omg I need them :o"

They won’t be coming out for a couple of months more, but you can preorder them here :)

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They are so cute!


They are so cute!

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