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Happy Lucky Minna ni To~doke!

Ojamajo Doremi, Op. 3 - Ojamajo de Ban Ban
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Anonymous asked: "Do you have Aiko's harmonica song? It is the single only song that I can't find on the internet or on any shop that sells anime goods in some kilometers around me."

I honestly don’t remember if it is in the soundtrack, but I’ll check and let you know… It may take a while since some of the tracks don’t have a freaking name other than M-number


Weird :/ It isn’t in the soundtrack

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Anonymous asked: "maybe you could upload the first theme song from doremi as a remix with all the other languages :)? or something like that:) love your blog!!:)"

That’s a great idea!


I’ll do it in a while :D Thanks for the suggestion, and I’m glad that you like my blog.

Have a magical day!

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Track Title: Fukazame Fighter ~Candy Itou no Theme~

Album: Ojamajo Doremi DOKKA~N! MEMORIAL CD BOX

The Candy Itou song makes me really happy

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Ojamajo Doremi, Op. 1 - Ojamajo Doremi Carnival!
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